More than just a full-service consulting firm.


One of the great things (we think!) about The Numad Group is that we have a variety of interests and passions, and seek new ways to creatively collaborate amongst one another--and with communities across the country.

Over the past five years, we've invested in the communities we live, work and play by opening a community coworking space in a former (and iconic) auto repair shop, founding a monthly conversation series that offers new ways to think and act, laying the groundwork for an institute dedicated to philanthropy in rural communities, and starting an investment firm that offers seed money to turn what once were dreams into realities.



Coworking Space

The garage

We wanted to create a community space. Now, what was once a specialty car dealership and auto repair shop in Downtown Rapid City, South Dakota,  is now an innovative, contemporary coworking space in for small businesses, nonprofits and freelance creatives.

Community Events

Morning Fill up

We created a platform for local, regional and national leaders to participate in a 24-hour blitz of conversations and collaborations intended to inspire and engage communities in western South Dakota to put their creative energies into action for the betterment of all.



Rural philanthropy institute

We having a growing vision to bring research and practice together in rural America to support ideas and solutions for communities. And we're acting on that vision by taking the first steps to create a nonprofit committed to this work.


Numad investments

We had a goal of investing in the communities in which we live, work and play, and through the formation of Numad Investments, our founding principals are able to dream up big ideas and find ways to implement them across the country.