Client Story: Club for Boys

Influencing the lives of over 33,000 boys through over half a century of work is a feat not many organizations can boast. The Club for Boys in Rapid City, SD, however, is one organization that can. With an aim to channel the creativity of boys in the community to “develop their personal health, physical fitness, and desire to learn to the fullest capacity,” it is no surprise to see the phenomenal results the Club for Boys work produces.

Serving boys from as age six to 17, the Club for Boys offers a variety of opportunities catering to the diverse needs of the boys they serve of varying age and interest.

Their reading program serves more than 350 boys, up to 50 of which participate in a summer reading program that works to sustain and advance the reading skills of the participants while school is not in session. In 2014, almost 40 boys advanced a grade level.

While the ultimate goal of the Club for Boys education department is the boys graduating from High School, the experiences the boys share caries well beyond high school. From ice fishing with professionals to participating in a staff developed Medieval Carnival, the experiences provided by the staff at Club for Boys engages the imagination of the communities youth, “helping boys succeed in life, and placing a huge emphasis on positive guidance.”

We at The Numad Group are honored to be able to work with the Club for Boys in assisting their efforts through fundraising and grant prospect research. This work is coupled with developing pitches to the media and integrating a quarterly print newsletter with their annual fund program. Witnessing the great success of the Club for Boys is inspiring to us, and we are so glad to be a part of it.

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