Firmly rooted in a foundation of proven practices and innovative strategies, The Numad Group brings a unique combination of industry-leading research, strong principles of philanthropy and communications, and successful experience with a diversity of clients in designing and implementing integrated fundraising and communication strategies that complement the mission and goals of the client organization to everything we do.

  • Our purpose is to work closely in direct partnership with organizations to most efficiently provide positive outcomes and realize optimum success, with unique, customized solutions for your effort.
  • Our goal is to work in tandem alongside our clients as genuine, innovative partners.
  • Our commitment is to provide our best effort at all times for our clients, making your mission our mission, and to always have the best intentions of the client in mind.  

We know that to deliver this customized, one-of-a-kind approach takes time… time that we commit so that we can learn as much as possible about the organizations we work with and develop a philanthropic program that is customized to your unique needs. This mutual understanding empowers us to build creative, authentic solutions for our clients… and means that you are well-positioned for unprecedented results.

What motivates us

We believe nonprofit organizations, no matter where they are, deserve the support they need so they can meet their missions, and make life better for the people and passions they serve.  We believe in collaborating with clients in a way that does more than strengthen infrastructure—our desire is to build a true partnership that inspires a renewed excitement for an individual’s (or an organization’s) work, a drive to deliver fresh ideas, and confidence that propels the organization forward, long after our work is complete.