Corporate Responsibility

We believe we have a responsibility in our work, and the way we live our life, to:

Act authentically;
Be kind;
Value relationships;
Build Community whenever possible;
Only recommend work we would do if we were in our clients shoes;
Know ourselves, know our clients;
Give back; and,
Act softly, except when a bold act is necessary.

The Numad Group was formed out of an extension of our personal interests and passions. The crux of these interests lies in philanthropy and its impact in rural communities through the nonprofit sectorbalanced healthily with government and business. Although our work as a team and with our clients are tangible manifestations of these interests, they are built on a deeper foundation rooted in Aristotle’s teachings that:

  • individuals, at the core, are good;
  • if people live in ways that are authentic to themselves, they have a desire to care for others (generosity); and,
  • through this individual authenticity (generosity), communities flourish. 

Through Numad, and our other interests like the Rural Philanthropy Institute and Numad Investments, we hope to provide a rejuvenated model of philanthropy and nonprofit management in rural communities, finding nontraditional ways to build opportunities for community improvement.