Client Story: Farm Church

Pastors Ben Johnston-Krase and Allen Brimer had a dream to create a new way to feed people spirituality. So they bought a domain, packed up their houses, and moved to Durham, North Carolina, to start Farm Church. 

Farm Church is an emerging new church development in the Presbyterian Church (USA)—a community that will create both a setting for mission and an ethos of loving community that will be an attractive alternative for those who struggle to connect with more traditional Christian churches.  

Farm Church invites the spiritually curious into a life-practice of Christ-centered faith and service where Christ’s rituals of feeding, teaching, and healing are couched in the growing, collecting, preparing and serving of food. Farm Church sees itself as a family that crosses economic and social boundaries to welcome hungry strangers and to feed them (physically, socially, and spiritually) by whatever means possible, and to invite them into fellowship and ministry. 

We've had the honor of working with them on a new website to launch their endeavor. Guiding them through the web development process, Numad launched an initial microsite so that they could begin capturing the names and email addresses of people from across the country interested in supporting the work. Over the next six months, we'll continue to build out the sitemap as they expand the way they talk about Farm Church, and welcome new people into their community.