Client Story: Jewel of the West

With a strong reputation in the Black Hills region but dependent upon in-store sales during the high summer months to keep them in the black during typically slow winter months, Jewel of the West turned to The Numad Group to revitalize their brand identity, implement a new website and online store and partner with them to develop a 12-month communication and marketing strategy. Since 2012, The Numad Group implemented a communication program that:

  • Re-brands the store visually.
  • Blends online and offline marketing activity to increase foot traffic during the summer months and promote online traffic during the typically slow winter months.
  • Moves inventory from the back room to customer homes without ever reaching the front of the store.
  • Enhances awareness of the store—and the store’s value—to customers in the region.
  • Positions Jewel of the West as a destination when visiting the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore.
  • Creates a content experience that promotes artists and designers associated with the boutique store.

Since implementation, website visits have increased exponentially, with online sales coming from all across the country. A Facebook advertising campaign yielded over 554,000 impressions over a one-week period. An in-store designer event that was marketed through multiple communication channels saw the store’s highest single-day sales in the company’s 13-year history. The entire staff is taking ownership in the store, and the store’s success, and plays a role in marketing and communication activity. And analytics are informing and driving future marketing decisions.

The Numad Group continues leading communication and graphic design initiatives for Jewel of the West today.