Kelly Gibson


Kelly joined The Numad Group with over 20 years of direct nonprofit management experience. Throughout her career, she has developed and administered nonprofit programs designed to address important community issues, particularly in rural and Native American communities. Kelly has assisted hundreds of rural nonprofit organizations to design effective programs, articulate program goals, create evaluation frameworks, and build systems to continuously improve their results. She is experienced in helping organizations report on the value and impact of their work, and share those results with a variety of audiences.

Kelly was the Director of Programs at National Relief Charities for over 15 years. In that role, she led broad-based programs that addressed immediate needs of underserved communities, as well as programs designed to lead to long term, sustainable gains. In her work with over 60 Native American tribes, 96% of partner programs reported a higher level of effectiveness and improved results due to utilizing programming at NRC.

Equally effective at fundraising and donor development, Kelly has led the development of grant and gift-in-kind strategies and cultivated major funder relationships for more than a decade. Within five years, Kelly grew annual revenue from zero to upwards of $20 million in grants and critical gift-in-kind products for underserved communities. Working through local, industry and corporate networks, Kelly has worked with supporters such as General Mills, Newman's Own, TOMS Shoes, Columbia Sportswear and many foundations and individual philanthropists.





Rapid City, SD


Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Social Work, University of Wyoming

Master of Arts Degree in Psychology, Lesley College