Client Story: South Dakota Community Foundation

With our headquarters in South Dakota, The Numad Group is very invested in the success of our state... so it was a true honor to partner with Stephanie Judson, president of South Dakota Community Foundation, on communication outreach program for an unrestricted endowment matching program in 2015. Our goals were clear and simple:

  • Articulate the critical importance of unrestricted endowment dollars to the state of South Dakota, and how these dollars can transform the South Dakota community; 
  • Make the case for giving unrestricted dollars to an endowment; 
  • Educate the community about what an endowment is, and the ways these dollars can be distributed for the greater good of a program, community and the state; 
  • Introduce, engage and cultivate a new generation of philanthropists to South Dakota Community Foundation; and, 
  • Inspire people to act immediately on the opportunity to invest in South Dakota.

Numad worked with Stephanie to write and design the publication, and discuss ways her team could use the donor communication tool with prospective major donors. 

Since the initial collaboration with South Dakota Community Foundation, we have also worked with the foundation to offer training across the state in partnership with CFRE International (Certified Fund Raising Executive). 

Currently, we are discussing new possibilities to partner with South Dakota Community Foundation on ways to grow philanthropic giving across the state. There are exciting possibilities ahead... so stay tuned!