We believe we have a responsibility to contribute to our communities.

Numad Investments was formed in 2014 by the founders of The Numad Group to put resources toward the crazy ideas that we come up with—oftentimes while we're sitting around at the end of a long day with a glass of vino and good conversation.

For instance, The Garage was born out of a desire for our remote company to have a place that would not just serve as the heartbeat for our consulting firm, but that would also gather people doing awesome things and put them together... so that more awesomeness can ensue. Morning Fill Up was invented while we were retreating on Lake Como in Italy as we searched for a way to bring the people who inspire us to Rapid City to exchange their knowledge with others (and yes, we were having a bit of vino when we came up with this program too... which probably explains why we made the decision to hold these conversations at 7am).

we're looking for the next great investment.

Part of our commitment to our communities is to seek out new opportunities to put our resources. We welcome suggestions on financial investments that our creative, meaningful and have an emphasis on making towns better. Have an idea? Share it with us.

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