Morning Fill Up: The Civic Center Vote

Tony DeMaro, RESTAURANT proprietor and operator
Judge John "Jack" Delaney, former Seventh Circuit Judge for Pennington County

Held MARCH 5, 2015 at 7am at The garage

In collaboration with members of The Garage coworking space, the March Morning Fill Up offered a final chance to hear from both sides of the Civic Center Expansion Project before it went to a vote. Moderated by Judge John "Jack" Delaney, it featured Tony Demaro and Richard Wahlstrom speaking for and against the expansion project.

Tony is the proprietor and operator of Murphy’s Pub and Grill, The Blind Lion Speakeasy, and kol. Tony strives to create concepts that are on the cutting edge of the global food and beverage scene, with the goal of making Rapid City a premier dining destination. Tony was born and raised in Rapid City, but spent a decade in Boston, Massachusetts, attending Northeastern University, graduating with a degree in business administration. Tony returned home to Rapid City in 2011 in order to take the skills and experiences attained along his journey to make the Black Hills everything it can be.

Richard served as city finance officer for Rapid City from 1990-1995, working for Mayors Carlyle and McLaughlin. As finance officer, he was an active participant in the concept, creation, planning, and bonding which resulted in the original Vision Fund, then known as "2012". He has also worked as an executive budget analyst for the State of South Dakota under Governor Bill Janklow, as vice president for finance and administration at Dakota Wesleyan University, and as vice president for business and finance at Drake University. From 1993-1998, he served on the South Dakota Investment Council, which oversees the $10 billion South Dakota public employees retirement fund. He has a masters in public administration from Harvard University.

It was a very pertinent topic and great to have a discussion like that be so close to the voting day.
— An Attendee of Morning Fill Up: The Civic Center Vote