Walking--a valuable routine

Though I don’t walk as much as I should (which is why my Fitbit step count has barely broken the 4-digit mark today…eek), I do enjoy taking an afternoon stroll. And after a parade of small to-do’s move across my desk, it is helpful to unclutter my mind to focus on the tasks ahead.

On a recent walk, having realized that the last of the beautiful fall days are escaping us, my mind traveled back to when I read Henry David Thoreau’s essay Walking. I now realize I am able to recall less and less the details of this essay, so will have to read it again soon - perhaps in the not too distant future when the chill of winter prevents casual enjoyment of the outdoors (there’s one more to-do added to my personal list!). 

On a walking path I frequent there is a quote on a stone by John Muir that reads, “In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.” When I really allow myself to be immersed in the outdoors and clear my mind of the business of everything going on I find this to be true.

For me, taking a walk is centering, which helps me better focus on the day ahead. What routines do you have to help you be at your best?