What would you ask the President of the Oglala Sioux Tribe?

We are honored to host President John Yellow Bird Steele of the Oglala Sioux Tribe for our November 12 Morning Fill Up at The Garage in Rapid City. President Steele's appearance marks the start of our second year of Morning Fill Up, which we sponsor alongside the generous and good people at The Bush Foundation

At the end of each Morning Fill Up, we send out a survey to the guests who set their alarms for, well, a redonkulously early hour and make their way to The Garage for the 7am discussion. Your feedback matters to us--after all, Morning Fill Up was created for you. One thing we've heard from attendees is the desire to ask more questions of the guests. 

Clearly, you have things on your mind before you come to The Garage, and so we're trying something new this time.

We're asking each of you to submit questions that you would ask President Steele if you were sitting in the moderator chair. Please fill out the quick form below and we'll do our best to integrate your questions into the upcoming Morning Fill Up. 

Don't have a ticket? Now's the time to get one by clicking here... we're going to have a packed house and only a few seats remain. 

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