A glimpse Into Numad

This morning I'm writing this blog post—our first for The Numad Group and admittedly, my first personally ever—from a restaurant in Davenport, Iowa. I'll be having breakfast in just a bit with an alum from my alma mater who is speaking at the same leadership conference I will be talking at this Saturday.

As we set out to launch this redesigned website today, the team of people that make up The Numad Group started their days quite early in Florida, Kentucky, Iowa and South Dakota. Each of us connected to each other and to our partners through face-to-face meetings, emails, phones, video conferencing on Skype, Basecamp and yes, even the occasional text message. Already this morning we've worked with organizations in South Dakota, Georgia, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kentucky and New York. The gentleman I'm about to meet is from California.
It might seem like a lot to keep track of, but in many ways, it's how we've always worked. Our minds are somehow wired this way.

The Numad Group recognizes nonprofits are unique in their services and role in communities. Employees work long hours, dedicating their lives to missions they recognize to be fulfilled uniquely by the nonprofit organization they are working for. We understand, because we worked in nonprofits for years, that people who choose this type of work are not usually doing so because it fulfills a need for a job, but rather because they believe in the service being provided—the social change.

With this in mind, we believe nonprofits should be able to maintain their distinct characteristics that drive them to fulfill their mission in how nonprofits communicate and market themselves and most importantly how they build philanthropic partners which provides the resources to fulfill their missions. That's why we created The Numad Group two years ago.

  • Our purpose is to work closely with organizations to most efficiently provide positive outcomes and realize optimum success.
  • Our goal is to work alongside our clients as genuine, innovative partners.
  • Our commitment is to do everything we can—in the best possible way—for our clients, and always have the best intentions in mind. 

We carry our MacBook Pro laptops and iPhones as if they are attached to our hips, but are driven by the social change our clients aspire to make. We bring the philanthropic principles, researched and proven methods, creativity and experience to each of our projects.  
This blog will provide an insight to our efforts, our experience, research we think is important, nonprofit topics in the news and other subjects that are relevant to the nonprofit sector. We'll keep it serious, but we'll keep it light sometimes too.
Thank you for reading and share your comments.