Kids at the Club for Boys in Rapid City excel in summer reading program

One of the things that I really love about our work at The Numad Group is that we get to tell some awesome stories, like this one that was recently placed in the Rapid City Journal this past weekend about an important reading program at the Rapid City Club for Boys that is making a true difference in the lives of the kids that attend the summer program. 

"Despite the kind of glowing summer morning that should have beckoned youngsters to romp outdoors, a gaggle of boys crowded outside the library at the Club for Boys one day this week, some even trying to get inside early.
Finally, at the stroke of 9 a.m., Lynn Lafferty flipped on the lights and let them stream in.
The excitement stemmed from the boys' desire to read and continue to push their learning ever higher through the summer reading program, one of the most successful Lafferty has been a part of in her more than 30 years as an educator."

It is stories like this one that makes me think about the educators in my life who, many year ago, took the time to sit with me, to encourage me to read and study and dream. It is also a reminder to me to take an active role in the lives of young people around menamely my nieces and nephewsto instill in them how important a curious mind is early in life. 

Take the time to learn more about the great work Lynn Lafferty and others are doing at the Club for Boys in Rapid City, and consider a donation to help support their awesome programming.