Choosing to listening

Over the last week I was lucky to speak with several of the grant recipients from The Frontier Fund. The projects range from bicyclist safety and young adult alcohol education to engaging youth in mural projects and book clubs.

One story my mind keeps turning to is that of Native American Community Board. They set out to develop radio programing catered to the challenges that Native youth are facing in their day to day lives.

The genius of the project is reflected in the simplicity of their method and, not surprisingly, the fruitfulness of the results. Sessions were held where youth were asked to share their experiences. They took over the conversation by openly sharing their communities experience of suicide, rape, domestic violence, and drug violence. Their courageous navigating of these topics has caused much reflection for me the past few days.

It is amazing what happens when we choose to listen. Keep an eye out for their project report later this fall – we will post it in a future blog.