What would you ask Sr. Lorane Coffin at Morning Fill Up?

We are grateful that Sr. Lorane Coffin of the St. Martin Monastery in Rapid City is joining us for Morning Fill Up this Wednesday, January 27 at 7am at The Garage (402 St. Joseph Street in Rapid City).

There are some people you meet and think, "Wow, she is something special." And Sr. Lorane most certainly is.

Of all the stories we are lucky enough to hear each week, this is one untold Rapid City story that has really touched all of us. Sr. Lorane and the community of Benedictine women she has been part of since the age of 16 have quietly left an indelible mark on our Black Hills region. They have started schools. They have started hospitals. And they have been ever-present when the community needed support most, like during the 1972 flood that took far too many lives in our community.

During our conversation with Sr. Lorane on Wednesday, we will talk about Rapid City’s history and growth through her eyes, and discuss where she sees opportunities for community and collaboration today. Indeed, there is much we can learn from her.

Tell us: What would you ask Sr. Lorane? Please submit your questions for Wednesday's Morning Fill Up below. We'll do our best to integrate your questions into the conversation.

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Don't have a ticket? Now's the time to get one by clicking here... we're going to have a packed house and only a few seats remain. Special thanks to The Bush Foundation for joining us in co-sponsoring this conversation series.