What would you ask Dr. Robert Grant at Morning Fill Up?

Dr. Robert "Bud" Grant is an environmentalist, author, professor and Catholic priest. He's traveled the world. He's been face to face with people like St. Mother Theresa and St. John Paul II.

He's even been kissed by Maria von Trapp (no, not Julie Andrews... the actual Maria von Trapp).

Today, Dr. Grant lectures, publishes, and writes a monthly op-ed on environmental theology, and travels the upper Midwest offering lectures and public presentations to both religious and secular organizations. With the issue of Pope Francis’ environmental encyclical, he has had 42 speaking engagements in the past six months.

Now, he's joining us in Rapid City for our February 18 Morning Fill Up to talk about redistributive suffering to heal the planet and responses to environmental crises, among other things.

Tell us: What would you ask Dr. Grant? Read his bio here, and then please submit your questions for Thursday's Morning Fill Up below. We'll do our best to integrate your questions into the conversation.

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