Meet our 2016 bushCON cohort

All of us at The Numad Group are pretty excited for bushCON this May (public registration begins April 5 at 10am central and will sell out within hours, if not the first hour they are on-sale).

Created by The Bush Foundation alongside partners from around the 3-state Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota region, bushCON is a leadership networking event that builds stronger and more meaningful connections among leaders in the region.

This year, we are honored to be a recruitment and programming partner (we're bringing Morning Fill Up to bushCON), and today, are truly thrilled to announce the 12 members of our Numad cohort--all from the new East of 5th District in Rapid City--who will be traveling to Minneapolis to take part in the event. Meet them below in these short bios they've created.

Steve Allender

A native South Dakotan, former police chief and current mayor of Rapid City. Enjoys spending time with his wife Shirley, who happens to be his high school sweetheart. In his leisure time he likes to go fishing and camping.

Jason Alley

Owner of Jackalope, a marketing and communications firm based in Rapid City.

Silvia Christen

Executive Director of the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association. Organizes ranchers on the prairies of Western South Dakota. Believes deeply in power of people and never learned to use her indoor voice.

Joe Gibson

High school senior at Rapid City Stevens High School. Likes to hike, mountain bike, play Frisbee, listen to music, and draw. At school, he digs chemistry. He’s also the Chalk Artist in Residence at The Garage – Rapid City.

Kelly Gibson

Project manager with The Numad Group. Experience is in the areas of program design, community building and fundraising—primarily in rural and tribal communities. Cares about inclusion, justice and kindness. 

Ezra Grothe

Electrical engineering student at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Currently interning at Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Enjoys racquetball, paramotoring, playing guitar, and expeditions with his quadcopter and camera.

Sarah Hanzel

Long-range planner for Rapid City Community Planning and Development Services Department. Focuses on downtown planning, historic preservation, and urban growth. Plays cello. 2015 Creative Community Leadership Institute Fellow. East of 5th member.

Dalton Lyons

Civil engineering student at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Born and raised in Sundance, Wyoming. Served five years in the US Navy. Has a deep interest in Rapid City’s purpose and progress. A voice for students that wish for a safe, revitalized and walkable neighborhood around our campus.

Dani Mason

Marketing and communications for a living. Creating a startup community for the love. South Dakota School of Mines and Technology by day. Co-founder of Launch Collective and brander of big ideas by night. Ask her about @Eastof5th!

Eric Monroe

Principal and senior architect with TSP, Inc. Originally based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Believes in creating beautiful diverse communities that provide resources that make living, working, and growing together possible.

Andrea Schaefer

Owner of Barefoot Dance Studio in the East of 5th District and the president of the Dance Network of South Dakota. Barefoot is an inclusive studio focusing on community involvement and creative opportunities for students of all ages and abilities.  

Nick Stroot

Passionate about investing in my community, advancing human resources, his two dogs, Wyoming football, and great craft beer...not always in that order!