What would you ask Lisa McNulty at Morning Fill Up?

So... I gotta say.

I'm pretty excited to be heading to Rapid City this weekend (from my home in Boston where I live and work when not on the road) for this Tuesday's Morning Fill Up, featuring our special guest Lisa McNulty, producing artistic director of Off-Broadway's Women's Project Theater in New York City.

Lisa actually flew to South Dakota from the bright lights of NYC last week to explore the state for the first time. (You'll have to ask her about the hail storm she got caught in while hiking the Black Hills earlier this week.)

Numad has had the privilege of working alongside Lisa and her wonderful team at WP Theater for the past couple of years. WP does important, incredible work to bring female and female-identified voices into the American theater through new play development. One of the programs I particularly love at WP is their WP Lab, which pairs a cohort of female playwrights, directors and producers together to develop and produce new works. You can read more about it here.

In the conversation with Matt Ehlman on Tuesday, July 26 at 7am at The Garage, she'll talk about the role art plays in community development, and the critical voice women play in our national dialogue, both in theater and the world. Looks like we'll have a full garage for the Charlie Rose-style conversation. Know someone who should join: have them nab one of the last seats here.

In the meantime, we have a question: What would you ask Lisa during Morning Fill Up? Submit questions below, and we'll include them in the public Q&A.

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Kudos to the good people at The Bush Foundation for their partnership in sponsoring Morning Fill Up with us.