What's on your mind about politics and civility?

How do we cut through the rhetoric in this heated political season? We're not sure we'll find the answer, but we are excited to have a discussion about the current state of politics in America this Thursday when Gregory Lebel visits Rapid City for our August Morning Fill Up conversation.

Greg is a frequent commentator on contemporary American politics that Numad Matt first got to know during a summer spent in Washington, DC, at George Washington University.  Greg's electoral campaign experience includes the presidential campaigns of U.S. Senators George McGovern (of South Dakota) and Gary Hart, Vice President Al Gore, Jr., and Governor Howard Dean, as well as numerous state, local, and congressional campaigns. You can read more about him here?

So, today we want to know: What would you ask Greg during Morning Fill Up? Please take a moment now to submit questions for us to consider asking during the 7am Charlie Rose-style conversation this Thursday, August 18 at The Garage. We're looking forward to seeing you there.

Don't have a ticket yet? RSVP now. It's free thanks to co-sponsoring from Numad and The Bush Foundation.

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