What would you ask Rahzel about music?

Rahzel Brown is a seven-time nominated, two-time Grammy Award winning beat boxer and vocal percussionist and a member emeritus of The Roots. Rahzel doesn’t play any instruments… he is the instrument! He mastered, and then re-defined, the art of beatboxing, emerging as a true virtuoso in this quintessential musical art form. Rahzel’s singular ability to re-create full songs without instrumentation, sing a chorus and provide the musical melody simultaneously, and invoke a plethora of sound effects on a whim creates an inimitable visual and audio experience. He has been credited the first person to conquer the art of singing and beatboxing at the same time, a feat that has become a staple of the beatbox community.

In a conversation with Matt Ehlman, Rahzel will share his views on beatboxing as an artform, and discuss how music influences our lives and gave him his voice. 

Today, we'd like to ask you: What would you ask Rahzel during Morning Fill Up? Submit your questions below, and know we'll do our best to include them as part of the discussion.

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