What would you ask Janet Kittams at Morning Fill Up?

Janet Kittams is the president of the Helpline Center, a South Dakota nonprofit that began in the Sioux Falls community more than four decades ago. What began as an organization run by volunteers who answered the phone for individuals in crisis grew to the very first location west of the Mississippi River to provide a 211 Helpline.

Now, Janet will sit down with Matt Ehlman PhD of The Numad Group to talk about what the future of coordinated community-based social services can—and will—look like. She’ll also share her experience leading the largest statewide suicide prevention effort, and the patience sometimes required to bring about community change.

The 50-minute discussion goes by quickly, so if you have a question you'd like to hear Janet Kittams talk about, please submit it online now. We'll do our very best to ask your question during the conversation.

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