One degree from Spock

I've never seen Star Trek before. 

Nor Star Wars for that matter. 

And I don't intend to watch either anytime soon. 


I said it. 

Yet, we happen to be one degree (think six degrees from Kevin Bacon) from Spock. Er, make that Zachary Quinto.

Currently, we are shoulders-deep in design work for the upcoming Off-Broadway premiere of Noah Haidle's fascinating new play Smokefall, starring Zachary. Here's how the story is billed;

Magical realism collides with manic vaudeville in a family drama unlike any you've ever seen. The Twins swap philosophy while awaiting their birth, Beauty eats dirt and doesn't speak, Father is about to drive away and never return, and a man named Footnote acts as our guide. Whipping from astonishing tenderness to profound humor and back again, this wholly original play uncovers the extraordinary family connections we all stretch and warp across the years but can never quite break. 

Collaborating with the playwright, the director Anne Kauffman, and the fine folks at MCC Theater, we landed on the below for the keyart for the show. The first versions I'll fully admit were more "Desperate Housewives" than magical-realism-slash-manic-vaudeville. I was grateful to Michael Crowley, the communication and marketing director at the time, who steered me into the direction that we landed on: A highly illustrated, clean piece of art that references what is both above and below ground and gets to the meat of the show. 

Artwork for  Smokefall  at MCC Theater, designed by Ted Stephens III, The Numad Group. 

Artwork for Smokefall at MCC Theater, designed by Ted Stephens III, The Numad Group. 


The show goes on sale January 5 on MCC Theater's website. It will be sure to sell quickly, so if you're in NYC, nab a ticket while you can. 

We're thrilled to once again be part of their good work.