As we look to the New Year, each of us at The Numad Group have taken a moment to reflect on all that we are grateful for.

We have learned from you.

Grown with you.

Been changed because of you.

And are inspired by you. 

This year, much was different, and yet, much remained the same—namely, the passion you bring to your missions that make us want to be better, and do more. To us, that is what being a Numad is: the pursuit of a greater good. 

That manifests in countless ways. In New York City, not only are you producing award-winning shows Off-Broadway, but you are also offering a platform for a new generation of artists to have a voice. In the Quad Cities, you are transforming communities through the generosity of donors.
In San Antonio, you are thrusting Latino arts into the national dialogue. In Anchorage, you are challenging the status quo for what it means to preserve Indigenous culture. And from our home-base in Rapid City, you are opening doors for disabled members of our community to lead a life of purpose.

In doing these things, and so much more, you are setting a higher bar for what community development can be in this country: something that propels people to take action in their own unique ways to make life better for all.

We feel the ripple effects of your work in the projects we take on. This past year saw The Garage—the coworking space we started—celebrate one year of bringing people together. It is a place where coffee and creativity are in endless supply. Our monthly Morning Fill Up series engaged more than 750 people in important community conversations. The new East of 5th District we are part of is turning community organizing on its head, driven by individuals invested in a better tomorrow. 

The past year also brought change to Numad. Kerry Brock, one of our co-founders, made the decision to step away from her work as a partner. Our working relationship—and friendship—has roots that started more than 10 years ago, and her presence and contributions will continue to be felt, and guide us, in the months and years ahead. Kerry and her family have embarked on an exciting new effort called Farm Church... check it out (it's pretty awesome). 

We also welcomed a “nu” Numad—Kelly Gibson—who brings 20+ years of nonprofit management, programming and evaluation expertise to the firm. The impact she is having on our work is already being felt in tangible, exciting ways. 

Indeed, much is new. But it is also somehow familiar.

Numads, you see, are always on a journey. Adapting when they need too, embracing opportunities when they are presented, and always finding ways to match good people with good work. We do not always know what is around the corner, but we always feel confident in the direction: Forward. 

As we look to 2016, we look forward to the journey with you. It is sure to be an exciting ride.

Thank you for being a Numad.