Numad principals' alma mater receives national recognition

The graduate program alma mater of Numad principals Matt Ehlman ’06 MPA and Kerry Brock ‘06 MPA has climbed in the influential ranking published by U.S. News and World Report, and has moved from being tied with Harvard University for the second-place ranking to now standing alone in that position.  The program at Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) now ranks higher than both Harvard and Princeton University.  Additionally, the nonprofit management concentration, the specific course of study for both Matt and Kerry, continues to be ranked number one in the nation. It was through this program that Matt and Kerry met, partnered on academic projects, and began conversations that would become the basis for the eventual formation of The Numad Group with Ted Stephens III, principal. 

Congratulations to everyone at SPEA for this continued recognition.

Read more about the success of SPEA and its commitment to excellence in the link below.

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