You have filled our hearts with inspiration

As the year two-thousand and thirteen came to a close, The Numad Group took time to reflect on the past year. The result was this piece, written as a reflection of the many wonderful experiences and opportunities we took part in, along with you - the individuals that influence and inspire us every day.

We get to partner with a wide array of efforts in a variety of unique places each year… and 2013 was no different. That’s because of people like you—individuals around the country, even world, who inspire us with your resolve to make a difference. 

There were countless moments this year that impacted the way we work, and yes, even live our lives. We met passionate Chicagoans determined to find permanent housing for homeless veterans, and listened to South Dakotans talk about how they can and will eliminate hunger in that state. We saw how educating impoverished children on an international scale changed entire families, and also countries. We even got to work with Pulitzer Prize-winning playwrights who had classics revived to long-overdue critical acclaim, and witnessed how an out-of-the-box art project could transform an entire city.

These moments ran the gamut of celebration and risk, hope and success. And they were moments created only because of the work you do—and the inspiration you bring. 

For us—now in our third year of business—the past year also left a lasting impression because we got to participate in this work from places that give us energy and creativity: teleconferences from a small farm in Central Wisconsin or a sandy beach in the French West Indies; Skype videos from the Eternal City and the foot of the Black Hills; even face-to-face meetings from 35,000 feet in the air. 

But most remarkable were the unexpected journeys you brought us on, and the inspiring adventures that followed. Each of you—our clients, teachers, mentors and friends—are improving your communities and the world. You give new meaning to the word “Numad.”

Simply, thank you for all the ways your work has enriched the lives of those around you. May we all continue on this path of enhancing the human experience through the people that we will meet, have met, and are sure to meet again. In this New Year, we wait with eager anticipation for the experiences we hope to share with you.