Weekends renew me

Happy Labor Day, folks. 

It is Monday morning on this beautiful Labor Day Weekend in Boston (seriously, we had amazing weather). The Numad offices are technically closed today, but I've been up since 4:30am (couldn't sleep, and I had to drive our friends Karen and Matt to the airport at 6am... they're great people from Iowa who flew to Boston to stay with us for the long weekend). 

This morning, I've got coffee by my side and I'm crouched down between one of our arm chairs and the ottoman (using it as a table), putting the finishing touches on our "nu" Numad website. (Let us know what you think!) 

Weekends renew me.

They energize me.

They give me time to think and reflect and ponder and consider. I absolutely love them. They get me ready to start the week bright and early on Monday (which I think is why I was up so early on this vacation day). 

We've been in the final stretch of our new website for some time now, but as the city continued to sleep, I felt like it was time to finish this puppy up. Yes, there will be additions... and I'm sure there are even a few things we'll need to edit. We want to add more client stories. And more visual examples of our work. 

But for now, click and comment and tell us how we can make our website even better. We are going to try hard to commit to writing on this blog often. What would you be interested in reading? (Don't tell us nothing, please!)

Here's hoping everyone had a renewing weekend. Let's make it a great week.