Why support the arts when there's so much poverty

I was delighted to see our friend and client Lori Pourier of First Peoples Fund quoted in this great piece on the Art of Change Ford Foundation Project website this weekend. 

“Art is the collective spirit that teaches us humility, lifts the soul and transforms communities.” —Lori Pourier, President, First Peoples Fund

Read the article here, and use the comments below to let us know why you think it is important to support the arts. 

For me, art and artistic expression gave me a platform to express myself. To be who I am freely and confidently. It has made me a better person. A curious person. A determined person. In many ways, it likely liberated me. When I look at my personal life, and my work life, I see the power art has to cause on to think differently. To stretch what's possible. To inspire one to try, to be okay with failing, and to be motivated to try yet again.

What about you?