#MorningFillUp is hitting the road this May!

#bushCON or bust!

This afternoon, news of The Bush Foundation's 2016 bushCONNECT Recruitment and Programming Partners broke, and we are honored to be part of a cohort of amazing connectors in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota participating in bushCON's creation.

Thank you to Jen, Dominick and Megan at The Bush Foundation, and Ryan, Allison and Megan at Events by Lady K, for choosing The Numad Group to be part of this awesome 2-day experience in Minneapolis.


Programming Partner

First, we're hitting the road with our Morning Fill Up series for a special bushCON edition. Morning Fill Up is a 24-hour blitz of conversations and collaborations with good people doing good things creatively and collaboratively. The monthly series brings regional and national guests to The Garage coworking space in Rapid City to inspire western South Dakota to put their creative energies into action.

Numads Matt, Kerry and Ted created the series just over one year ago.

Now, Morning Fill Up comes to bushCON in the exact same format: A conversation, not a presentation. A dialogue, not a pitch. Two chairs, a table, and a community of interested people. We're going to keep you in the dark about our special guest for just a bit longer, but after Numad Matt sits down with our guest for the Charlie Rose-style conversation, the guest will then turn the tables and asks the questions, discovering with Matt and Ted the “how and why” of this series, and what it could mean for other communities across the region--and nation.

Recruitment Partner

Some of you may know that the reach of Numad extends beyond our fundraising and communication consulting firm. We've got our hands in a variety of other projects and passions, most of which are centered around grassroots community development.

This winter, we applied to Bush to invite to bushCON a cohort of businesses, county government, university, neighborhood nonprofits, and residents working and living in the new East of 5th District—a group we might call the “unusual suspects” who quietly make an impact and provide optimism.

What's the East of 5th District, you ask? This past year, a group of engaged individuals banded together to strengthen what some might considered a blighted corridor, creating a vibe defined as energetic, refreshing, innovative… and very-much needed. This community represents a culture of makers and doers—people who see an area of our downtown Rapid City area that on the outside may not be most representative of who we are, but on the inside represents who we really are—good people interested in a grassroots approach to community development.

The East of 5th District represents people who seek a collaborative, intentional approach to enhancing an area that has been ignored, and welcomes all peoples. What this group—our network—represents is a cultural community built on honesty, hard work, determination and spirit.

We are so excited to bring a small group of makers and doers to bushCON this May. You can support their efforts by becoming a member of the new nonprofit here.


bushCON 2016 will be at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Monday, May 9. Plus... they are adding a day 2 with special events and collaborations across the Twin Cities on Tuesday, May 10.

There are two paths to get to bushCON. The first is to be tapped by one of the recruitment partners selected by Bush to invite leaders from their own networks who would benefit from attending an event like bushCON. Each recruitment partner gets a limited number of tickets, though.

The other path to bushCON is through general admission. Tickets go on sale April 5, 2016. They sold out in an hour last year, so mark your calendar right now and visit the bushCON website the morning of April 5.

Numad Matt presenting at bushCON 2015.

Numads Ted and Kerry presenting at bushCON 2015.