Morning Fill Up reached an exciting milestone

While living and working from my home in Illinois hasn’t been all that conducive to attending Morning Fill Up every month, I have been introduced to the topics discussed, conversations provoked and ideas that have come out of these events from behind the scenes (ah… the benefits of the interwebs!).

At Numad, we work as a team—and that includes Morning Fill Up. Days and weeks prior to a Fill Up, we pass around questions for the guest speaker, and afterward I dig into the numbers—the data—to measure the impact of the event, how many people attended, what they had to say about it, who attendees would love to hear at a future event… even how they heard about the event.

Data and I…we get along pretty well.

As I was crunching numbers the morning afterward, I noticed something particularly important about our recent Morning Fill Up with Kelly Lindquist. We hit a milestone—the number of event attendees crossed into four digit territory, and we are excited to say that just over 1,000 people have now attended a Morning Fill Up event.

It kind of sort of really blows our mind.

When we began the Morning Fill Up series we imagined 20 guests coming to the events, and would be really excited if there were ever 40 people at an event. Never did we imagine that less than a year and a half after our first event, over 1,000 people would have shown up at 7 a.m. for coffee and conversation. 

I was lucky to be in attendance last fall at the Morning Fill Up with Kevin Walker and got to witness personally how cool it is to take part in this unique event in person. What a joy it was to meet the people who come time after time, introduce myself to new people I have yet to connect with and put faces to all the names in the monthly spreadsheets and event reports.

The energy of the community in Rapid City is real, and I look forward to monthly Morning Fill Up participation when I move to Rapid City this coming June.

Because yes, this newlywed is heading west toward Rapid City this June.