Musings in the rough air

I'm 39,000 (or so) feet in the air right now en route to BushCONNECT in Minneapolis. The flight has been pretty bumpy (not my favorite). But the chicken salad for lunch on the plane was actually amazing (for once!).

My colleagues and I are pretty darn excited for the next few days of conversations and connections with people all across the upper Midwest region who are doing good work to strengthen communities and make life just a bit better for all.

It has been a whirlwind few weeks for all of us, I think. There is great movement on a number of projects we are partnering on. In Boston, I've been shoulder deep designing season brochures and subscription collateral for a number of the Off-Broadway theaters in New York City that we work with. They will all be announcing their new seasons shortly (and let me tell you, there are some kick butt plays heading toward the Great White Way this fall).

I'm particularly excited about a new play that will get its world premiere... those initial design concepts went out on Friday and were very well received. We'll likely get to do a fun photo shoot with the legendary photographer Joan Marcus for the art... always fun to be in the room alongside her.

We've also been writing and editing for a number of media placements and donor newsletters and the like, and there have been some wonderful stories that have recently gone out into the world... including a number of pieces centered on the work of the Community Foundation of the Great River Bend in Iowa. They are really doing some meaningful, innovative work there. A new initiative to help nonprofits to be prepared in times of crisis has been particularly exciting for me to watch unfold from afar. Kelly Thompson, the director of programs at CFGRB, is behind the good work.

Beyond the day to day, there are many possibilities out there... and we've been taking the past month to really explore those opportunities and see what we can do to support them. Numad Kelly, who just marked one year at Numad, has been leading us through many of those future-looking conversations... what I love most (beyond the dreaming and creating) is the way that she roots all of the conversations: In our values as a company.

Speaking of which: We're hiring. A Graphic Design and Digital Developer. I might be biased, but I think it is a pretty great job. The perfect person will have an opportunity to design for major theatrical productions in New York City, major fundraising campaigns in the Dakotas, and see their work in major media outlets. We're excited to welcome someone new to Numad. If you know someone who would be a good fit, do send them our way.