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One of my favorite things about the New Year...

One of my favorite things about the New Year...

One of my favorite things about the New Year--and the first full week back from the holidays--is to hear about how those end of year appeals went... to dissect what worked, and consider what could be improved. We know that matching gifts and language that focuses on the donor are important. But some of the nonprofit partners we work alongside moved beyond that, and employed some neat things to move the dial on their end of year gifts.

Here's a few things that we think worked, and are ideas you might consider as you look at your annual fund programs in 2016

Crowdfunding: Three simple reasons

Regardless of whether in our professional organizations or in our personal lives, time and time again we all find ourselves asking how to best make ends meet. When it comes to your nonprofit organization, making ends meet relies on getting your audience to engage beyond simply recognizing that you are working toward a good cause.  In most cases we all know that you have a good cause, and if you were to ask a stranger on the street they would probably agree. The question we all struggle with is how to get your audience to go beyond saying you have a good cause to actually donating towards that cause. A very legitimate answer to that age-old question, I believe, is crowdfunding.