Graphic Design

'tis the season for Season Brochures

In the theater industry, we often think of summertime as the slow time--the chance to close out the previous production season, put together the next season, and perhaps even take a vacation.

But let me tell you: Our off-Broadway and regional theater clients are more busy than ever before, making big plans for big seasons. I'm shoulder-deep in designing season brochures and direct mail pieces and emails and digital ads for a number of our super awesome arts clients.

And I'm pretty excited about what we're creating together.

Back and forth to NYC

Back and forth to NYC

t has been a whirlwind few weeks of travel for this Numad, back and forth and back and forth and back and forth on Amtrak between Boston (home) and New York City (work). In fact, I know the travel is more than usual when the conductors and food service attendant recognize me... and a couple have even come to know me by name.

I do love a train, zooming down the coastline of New England, the vast waterways and wooded areas giving way to the skyscrapers of New York and Boston.

There have been a number of really exciting things happening in the city as of late. At the beginning of the month, we got to team up with Blue Flame Events and Arc3Design on the production of MCC Theater's annual gala, Miscast, which once again raised more than $1 million for their youth company and education programs.

Wall smashing for MCC

Wall smashing for MCC

More than eight years ago now, I graduated from graduate school at the University of Florida armed with a master of fine arts degree. I sold my belongings and moved with two boxes and the clothes I could fit in a suitcase to New York City... a place I always wanted to live. A dream come true for me.

Two days later, I was stepping foot into the administrative offices of MCC Theater for the first time, ready to begin an unpaid internship. I knew not a soul there, the exception being the kind woman named Isabel Sinistore who had hired me after a phone interview. To this day, I am so grateful that she said "yes" to me.

In the four months of my internship, I learned so much, from her, from her colleague Ian Allen, and from the incredible team at MCC--namely Blake West, Bernie Telsey, Will Cantler and Bob LuPone. Sure, I learned about the inner-workings of a major nonprofit Off-Broadway theater... what it takes to put on a show, to start youth companies and educational programs, and to raise funds to support their important work.

Artwork for John Pollono's new play "Lost Girls" off-Broadway

Artwork for John Pollono's new play "Lost Girls" off-Broadway

We began the keyart design for this show last winter, in the dead of the Boston winter snowstorms that dumped over 100 inches of snow on the city. MCC Theater's marketing team had the wonderful idea of writing the play's title on a snow windshield... so every time (read everyday) the snow fell last January, I donned my snow gear, shoveled our sidewalks, and then trounced to find our car in the street, try to write the words, shoot some photos, and edit it.

Graphic design work for a legendary Off-Broadway show

It has been a busy fall season for The Numad Group thus far with our work partnering with Off-Broadway nonprofit theaters in New York City. Currently, we are working on five productions in New York City, with some additional shows approaching quickly. The theater nerd or fan or whatever you want to call me relishes the opportunity to collaborate with some really wonderful artists and communication professionals in the Off-Broadway community.

What am I working on this morning?

We are gearing up for MCC Theater's big Miscast gala, which they hold every spring in New York City at the Hammerstein Ballroom, just down the street from the Empire State Building. The annual event brings out some of Broadway and TV's favorite celebrities to perform songs from roles which they would never be cast.